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いけばな 生け花

IKEBANA  /ìːkeɪbɑ́ːnə/  [noun] 

Ikebana is the art of Japanese floral arrangement.  Ikebana literally means "living flowers", from IKERU "keep alive" + HANA "flower".  

Ikebana first appeared around the fifteenth century.  It was practiced with formal guidelines and discipline, and it was believed that established forms should be strictly followed.  However, Sofu Teshigahara, the first headmaster of The Sogetsu Ikebana, began to question the traditions of Ikebana in which people could not express their originality, so in 1927 he founded the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.  

Since then, under the leadership, inspiration and teachings of four generations of headmasters, The Sogetsu Ikebana has evolved into an art of creative expression with infinite possibilities, both in style and material.  

Through Ikebana, you will be able to express yourself, establish your personal style, connect with your sense of beauty and show your artistic intention.

About Toko

Toko Tazawa is an Ikebana artist and instructor, with over 15 years experience.  Toko is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. 

As an artist Toko creates Ikebana installations to supply to various commercial and business spaces, individual homes and event venues.  

With accreditation as an instructor from The Sogetsu School of Ikebana, Toko also runs certificate courses following The Sogetsu School of Ikebana textbooks. Casual classes and workshops are also offered.

Toko is currently a member of the Ikebana Gallery Award Committee. 

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田澤 桐香


Arrangement Service

Bespoke Ikebana floral arrangement service at various venues are available.  It can be tailored to suit your individual needs and preference.  In Toko's Ikebana you will find one of a kind beauty with Japanese sensibility, created by observing nature.  Ikebana floral arrangements are generally created on-site.

  • restaurants, bars and cafes
  • hotel lobbies, receptions and rooms
  • offices and corporate events
  • hospitals and clinics
  • parties and functions
  • your home


Formal classes are offered to learn the theory and skills of The Sogetsu Ikebana.  As a qualified instructor, Toko runs certificate courses following the Sogetsu School of Ikebana textbooks.  They cover all the necessary basics for beginners to acquire skills through actual interaction with flowers and by deepening their understanding of the plant materials.  Toko will guide you through the simple, yet elegant art of Japanese floral arrangement to help you pursue your creativity.  You can bring your own plant materials such as flowers, branches and foliage, or they can be provided by Toko*.

*additional cost applies


Workshops are offered with various themes throughout the year.  All you need is secateurs, as all other materials are provided.  Workshops don't always follow traditional Ikebana methods and are not part of The Sogetsu Ikebana certificate courses.  It is a perfect opportunity if you wish to be creative with fresh plant materials.  Workshops are offered during school holidays as well and children are welcome to participate.

Birthday Parties

Ikebana floral arrangement as a birthday party activity is available at the location of your choice.  Fresh plants and flowers are often overlooked as material for arts and crafts, but children have so much fun working with them.  Costs vary, depending on your needs and choice of arrangement.

Other Services and Ideas

  • Give your loved ones an opportunity to learn Ikebana as a gift
  • Have an Ikebana demonstration and cultural emersion experience at your school
  • Organise an Ikebana lesson as a group activity for the elderly at an aged care or an nursing home 



  • "I was delighted to know that there are Ikebana classes in Melbourne as my mother-in-law has always been interested.  I gave her a class with Toko as a gift and she was very pleased with what she learned" (T.G)

Ikebana Floral Arrangement Service

  • “Thank you to Toko for the original & architectural flower arrangements for my party.  I wanted something out of the ordinary and you delivered beyond my expectations!” (Z.C)
  • “It is eye opening to see what Toko can create, which is truly an art piece" (N.M)
  • "Each time Toko's arrangements are very unique and different from Western floral arrangements.  They always become conversation pieces when the guests arrive" (M.F)
  • "Toko provided us with a wonderful arrangement in keeping with our Japanese themed post-wedding party festivities.  She did this based on a remote brief we provided her from Queensland.  As she did her work on site, her ability to capture the right mood and to use the venue and setting to best advantage were obvious.  Her piece was a highlight for us and for our guess to enjoy.  We would highly recommend Toko to anyone considering the use of Ikebana in whatever setting it might be enjoyed in." (M.M & J.F)

Workshops / Birthday Parties

  • "As a child who enjoys creating things it was a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to work with a different medium and experience first hand the beauty of flowers. The pieces my daughter created were both beautiful and different and she took much enjoyment from the pieces being displayed in our home" (S.R)
  • "My daughter found the Ikebana class very creative fun and interesting. The piece she made was beautiful and we used it as a centrepiece for a dining table. Thank you Toko" (M.M)
  • "My daughter absolutely loved the unique workshop and would jump at the chance to do it again.  Not only was it fun making the arrangement but she loved learning the art of creating beautiful arrangements that she could then make at home. It's lovely to find a holiday activity that is truly unique and enables the kids to create something they are truly proud" (E.L)
  • "As a creative, flower-loving 11-year-old, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed this unique workshop experience with Toko.  She came home armed with not just a beautiful arrangement, but new-found Ikebana knowledge, proudly passing on the tips on how she achieved it!" (C.T)

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